Consultancy Service for the Safe and Legal Handling of Asbestos

As a result of our 30 years' experience in asbestos management, we are able to assume total responsibility for the problem, resulting in a single point of contact for all aspects of asbestos advice, removal and disposal; allowing you to continue your project with the minimum of disruption, delay and cost. Kusten Vorland holds Special Waste Level 4 certificates to manage clinical and asbestos waste, packaging, storage and disposal at authorised facilities.

Kusten Vorland aim to minimise disruption and cost caused to your project through our consultancy and brokerage services. We provide professional consultancy advice and services that include complete management and compliance to legislation for all asbestos management situations.

The discovery of asbestos prior to, or during a project, often leads to missed deadlines. The necessary services to ensure its safe management are often overpriced and distributed across a number of suppliers. We can save you money and give you peace of mind. Working with Kusten Vorland gives you one point of contact, who's on your side, working for you.

Please call us, your initial consultation is free.


We provide professional consultancy advice and training that include:

  • Advice  
  • On-site consultancy services
  • Management Plans
  • Asbestos Registers
  • Tailored Training
  • Project Management
  • Surveys
  • Sampling
  • Air testing
  • Removal
  • Disposal
  • Crisis Management
  • Prosecution Support

All of our work is undertaken to UKAS and HSE standards. Our customers include the Ministry of Defence, the National Health Service, Local Authorities, the Home Office and a number of significant private sector organisations.

Our consultancy packages start at £475 a day, call for further information.

Guidance notes for;

Maintenance and Service Personnel 

Demolition Contractors

Tax Relief

Domestic Asbestos Management


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