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We pride ourselves with having the best operatives in the industry. We know them, we train them to UKATA standards and we work to develop their on-site relationship with you. In turn our close client relationship ensures any problems are dealt with professionally and quickly.

Kusten Vorland's asbestos agency is licensed to hire qualified and trained operatives for working with asbestos. We supply to the whole of the UK and have an extensive pool of asbestos operatives who are available to hire 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Site auditors and asbestos consultants can be booked on a daily or project basis. In our industry we have to adhere to some of the most effective and proportionate regulatory regimes in the world. Having a close relationship with our operatives ensures we know the people we deploy to work with you. We demand the highest possible industry standards and deliverance from our employees– to protect the public, customers, workers and the environment.

We are proud of our brand and dedicated to maintaining standards of excellence. Contact us for more information of our induction process and training programme, plus a schedule of rates. We can help deliver a safe and prosperous future for you and our customers.

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