Asbestos Management Plan

We specialise in detailed asbestos management systems. We recommend your staff are training on implimenting your asbestos management system to ensure it is effectivley communicated and actioned.

As a very basic guide your asbestos management plan should include:

  • who is responsible for managing asbestos;
  • the asbestos register you have just made;
  • plans for work on asbestos materials;
  • the schedule for monitoring the materials' condition; and
  • telling people about your decisions.

The plan must say who is responsible for what. It can be written or held as a computer based record. Make it easy to read and easy to find when you, or anyone else, needs it. It must be easy to update.

We provide a range of management plans covering single buildings to multi-site nationals, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

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