Asbestos Spiders Continued

Thursday, 21 March 2013  |  Admin

Asbestos spiders make local news!

Concern today grows for potentially contaminated spiders on the loose in Cardiff


 A web of intrigue surrounds a gruesome discovery in a 19th century attic – where a large tarantula skin, potentially contaminated with asbestos, has been found.

The shock find was made during a routine survey by Cardiff asbestos specialists Kusten Vorland.

And a spider expert last night warned the beast that shed the skin could still be at large – and possibly twice the size.




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Tuesday, 18 June 2013  |  Admin
Tuesday, 18 June 2013  |  Admin
What do you eat with your Bananas?!

Kusten Vorland today surveyed a disused banana store in Huntworth Business Park Somerset. The surveying team set off from Cardiff early this morning with some trepidation!

After reading the Daily Mail we found this out;nearlier this week "a shopper had a terrifying moment when he picked up a bunch of supermarket bananas and found a large tarantula hanging off. Mark Drinkwater, 42, said he was left with his 'heart beating through his chest' after discovering the spider in the fruit and veg section of his local Lidl supermarket on Monday morning.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013  |  Admin
Packing the spider samples for analysis!

Kusten Vorland team acting brave today, packing and logging contaminated spider shell samples

Tuesday, 19 March 2013  |  Admin

During a routine asbestos survey on a property in the Roath area of Cardiff; Kusten Vorland surveyors were faced with a scary situation. The property dating back to the 1800's is to undergo a full refurbishment this Spring to restore the 3 storey house to its former glory. Whilst investigating the attic area surveyor’s uncovered board suspected to contain asbestos used to house Spider carcasses.

The unusual find led to lead surveyor Katie Parsons-Young boycotting the survey and returning to the office. Katie said, "After watching the film Arachnophobia, I just can't go near them. I certainly wasn't expecting to find such big, hairy, scary creatures on my site today"

Friday, 18 January 2013  |  Admin
Kusten Vorland Snowfall Policy

It is business as usual at the Kusten Vorland offices today, my first call was 4am this morning. We were out clearing snowfall from heavy machinery and walkways to allow site work to continue with minimal disruption. The penalties on most of our sites for missing a deadline are financially heavy. Because of health and safety concerns we can’t carry on with usual outdoor site work but similar constraints apply to working in heavy rain. Operationally we are more prepared with lessons learned from the summer rainfall of 2012, with all of our roofing sites on stop for most of the summer, it hit us hard financially.

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