Tea for Two- Charles Parsons-Young

We may be busy but we’re proud to maintain our team spirit. It means we take time for tea, a chat and for some of us a biscuit or two!

Today we chat with our Operations Director, Charles Parsons-Young. This is what we found out about him;

My favourite colour is pink, I do love pink. Not many guys love pink, that’s why I do. I like to be different. I eat everything and always. My favourite food is Italian, Chinese and Thai. I love eating out and I'm crazy for good food and fine dining. I drink lots of tea, like everyone else in the office we are all tea mad! I'm partial to a short glass of Rum too.

My favourite place to go during work time is Empire! particularly when they have their open days. (We aren’t quite sure what happens on these open days!) My second favourite place is Windsor Waste, no that was a joke its Barbados. I am in love with Barbados and everything about it. I love the sunshine and the sea, it makes me feel at home. There's something wonderful about sleeping by the ocean, I get itchy feet when I’m in the UK too long. 

What can I tell you that you may not already know about me? I was married once. Let’s leave that there. ha-ha, no in 2014 I was UK and US Powerboat Champion. We had a blast, they were wonderful years. I've had many wonderful times in my life, I’ve been blessed. The day I was born was my happiest day ever, yes, yes of course I remember it! (?!)

The longest I have ever celebrated was for about 1 month without a break of any vices! We had 1 race left in the UK Powerboat Championship and it was in Gosport. It was neck and neck down to the last 2 teams and we won by 1 point. That was the most stressed I have ever been in my life too!

 I have some regrets in my life, yes I do. Every time I have ever picked up a microphone and sung like a pro but sounded like a loser on Karaoke! Why do I do it?! I wish I could take back every single time. But worse still is that I continue to do it.

My favourite person in the whole world must be my Mum. We have such a special relationship, she is my best friend. One could say I call upon her a bit much for ironing, cooked dinners and all the wonderful things Mums do but considering my bedroom still has the same Desperate Dan duvet from the day I left home I don’t think she minds too much.

I had a near miss once, a gnat’s breath from a serious accident. I was racing in Jacksonville in 2016, we were tailing the leader when he flipped his boat. To avoid hitting the crew we hit their boat and tore a huge hole in the side of it, we capsized after the crash. After the crane lifted us out it was apparent no one was seriously injured. I was scared that day, really scared. If anyone involved had made an alternative decision it could have resulted in a fatality. Life becomes so obviously fragile in situations like that. It didn’t stop me continuing.

The only other time I remember being scared was falling out of a tree in our Orchard as a kid. I think I was ok after a cotton pad with calamine lotion and a cwtch from my Mum. I remember the fall and that has scarred me mentally! Boys will be boys.

My current goals for Kusten Vorland are to expand the team further. It is really difficult to get good quality staff on an operational level and the team we have now are newly formed but doing really well, I want to develop a sound foundation from which to deliver our projects.

We are ARCA members and I’m really enjoying engaging on a professional level within the industry. The Regional Meetings are essential to our development and growth as a business. I enjoyed attending the recent Contamination Exhibition and I’m looking to develop supplier relationships this year. I’m going to invest in a Deonta Decontamination Unit with half welfare, they are the forefront of technology for our industry and the lads and I are loving them!

I’m looking forward to Christmas, but I much prefer bonfire night. I got run over once! That’s a good note to end on isn’t it?! Its true though. I was a volunteer at a Motocross bike event and I got wiped out covering the start position. I honestly thought I was dead!

Charles Parsons-Young

Operations Director, Kusten vorland Ltd

tel: 07967 649822



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