A message from our Director, Christmas 2020

16 December 2020  |  Admin

Katie Parsons-Young, Director Kusten Vorland Ltd

Christmas is a time to show appreciation and gratitude so writing my Christmas message is actually a great opportunity to add a little positivity. I want to thank our clients, sincerely, for their loyalty and support throughout this difficult year. Instead of seeing this as yet another hurdle to overcome, I'm choosing to see the changes as positive new ways of working. Thank you to every client who's made me laugh on Zoom, for your humour, your consideration and kind words. 

I hope this message will spark some joy in everyone Kusten Vorland reaches. I want to thank my team members who have gone above and beyond to support each other through this taxing time. As a team we've been sick, lonely and scared, at times not knowing what's coming and that's a challenge you can't prepare for. Being furloughed created a false environment for us all and returning from that requires strength and courage. 

As a gesture of my appreciation everyone on payroll will receive a £50 gift with their wages next week. Our Christmas party and the team building opportunity it offers will be put on hold for now, but I want to give you all Christmas Eve as a corporate paid holiday to spend with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas,