COVID-19 Announcement 23rd March 2020

23 March 2020  |  Admin

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COVID-19 & Us. We’d join our Government in urging you to stay at home to ease the pressure on hospitals across the country. Like you, our staff are working remotely wherever possible. But rain or shine, we’re equipped and ready to serve the local community, whatever their requirements. We have a skeleton crew on standby for responsive maintenance on key worker buildings.

This is a worrying time for everyone, but we’re all in it together. Our standby team are on rotation and currently making safe an 80m² ceiling in a community hall used for out-of-hours childcare by key workers. For them we remain manned and operational. Thanks to our strong team, we’re on standby, with all the necessary equipment, respiratory or otherwise for you.

Please call us if you have essential asbestos maintenance or emergency needs. We are prepped to help, and take your safety seriously. We’re used to working with dangerous materials, so you won’t get any temporary inflated prices from us. Our thoughts are with you and your families at this challenging time. Stay Safe.
Katie Parsons-Young
Director, Kusten Vorland Ltd