23 March 2020  |  Admin
COVID-19 Announcement 23rd March 2020

We’d join our Government in urging you to stay at home to ease the pressure on hospitals across the country. Like you, our staff are working remotely wherever possible. But rain or shine, we’re equipped and ready to serve the local community, whatever their requirements. We have a skeleton crew on standby for responsive maintenance on key worker buildings. This is a worrying time for everyone, but we’re all in it together. Our standby team are on rotation and currently making safe an 80m² ceiling in a community hall used for out-of-hours childcare by key workers.

5 January 2020  |  Admin
Selecting a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

Asbestos is best left to the experts.
You’re right to put your trust in us
Why we are Wales & South West’s first port of call when it comes to asbestos management...

4 January 2018  |  Admin
Corys Building Cardiff Bay

Reinventing the heart and soul of Cardiff
Renovation of iconic Corys’ Buildings

Sometimes we pay little more than lip service to respecting and preserving the past. Kusten Vorland is proud to play its part in reclaiming and restoring it for the future.

Corys’ Buildings, which is situated in the heart of Cardiff Bay, is to be converted into 24 one- and two-bedroom apartments, with all the creature comforts of modern living, and retail at ground floor level.

Reclaiming the might and majesty of the past
Corys’ Buildings’ beauty and stately grandeur reflect the might of Cardiff at a time when it was at the height of its powers as a port. Cardiff was once one of the smallest towns in Wales, but by the end of the 1890s it handled more coal than any other port in the world. Cory Brothers & Co was the building’s original occupants, and their business interests included chandlery, brokerage, colliery and wagon ownership and coal exporting. Butetown was a busy and thriving place with over 50 nationalities settled there and in the surrounding dockland area, which acquired the name ‘Tiger Bay’.

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