Asbestos Corrugated Roof Sheet Removal

Instant Cost for Removing and Disposing of your Asbestos Cement Sheets.

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We are qualified and insured to remove asbestos cement sheets of all sizes, gutters, down pipes and to dismantle Asbestos cement structures. You can get an instant quote and book online, as long as the Asbestos cement is intact. This method of working is not appropriate if other asbestos-containing materials are present, eg lagging, limpet or insulating board. We can provide a quotation for this work which requires the use of our Asbestos license.


Please ensure safe access, if we need a mobile access platform, it's not included in this quote, so please speak to us. We have working platforms to get our team to 3m high, but nothing further is included in this quote.  We expect you to restrict access whilst we are carrying out the work plus, minimise the number of people present. We also expect you to provide adequate lighting.

We have assumed all areas will be free from obstruction to allow continuity of work. Asbestos cement products were known to contain 10 to 40 percent asbestos, when they are pressure washed, sanded, sawed, drilled, removed, or otherwise disturbed, asbestos fibers may be released into the air and contaminate surfaces. Time and weathering can also weaken these sheets, exposing the asbestos fibers embedded in the cement to the elements. If asbestos was to contaminate the surface of a porous material or textile these cannot be cleaned and would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. If there are any items within the area to be disposed of as hazardous waste please let us know prior to works. Whilst clearing the area prior to works please be mindful of contamination. Examples of obstructions are belongings, vermin, vehicles or people. We can assist with clearing areas, moving items, or segregating workspaces at an additional cost. Please discuss this with us prior to us carrying out the work, it is essential this work runs smoothly. Efficiency enables us to move from job to job and keep our costs competitive.


Sometimes when we come to the site all isn't as expected, buildings can be lined with asbestos panels, double-boarded, or different from what we've priced. Whilst we always try to avoid this by obtaining as much information as possible in absence of an intrusive survey it is possible. Therefore we offer a surveying service to identify all asbestos materials, the refurbishment and demolition survey is a legal requirement prior to any refurbishment or demolition works. Discovering extra asbestos would result in extra time on-site and heavier waste loads, this would generate additional charges during the work phase. Please find information on our a surveying service here.

Please be aware that we have not allowed for air testing for this contract within our price, further information can be found on our air testing: