Our Story

‘We may be Welsh but we're proud of our German name. It means land by the sea or coastal foothills, but you knew that, right? Yes, We're based here in Cardiff and have been for many years, but our name is about more than just the place. It is a fitting tribute to an early client of mine, a German who was working in a London hotel.

He came to me for advice about asbestos in the boiler room where he had been for some time servicing equipment. Concerned, I helped him appoint a contractor. Sadly, it was too late for him. He had contracted and later died of mesothelioma brought on by exposure to asbestos. He used to call us Kusten Vorland because we were by the sea.

My father was an asbestos removal contractor for most of his life, working all across the UK: with NHS trusts, national museums, universities and colleges, the Welsh government, one national sports stadium, and the Ministry of Defence in munitions factories and atomic weapons plants. He assists us to this day as a trusted and respected consultant.

So following in his footsteps, I set up my own contracting company, and decided upon Kusten Vorland. I love the name. I love the sound of it; even though every day I have to explain that, yes, we are Welsh with our Head Office in Cardiff, and have been for many years.

That's the past. We are all about ensuring safety for the future. We are passionate about the need for constant vigilance and keeping ahead of the curve in this challenging, ever-changing industry. We offer bespoke training, either here at our site in Cardiff in our very own Asbestos Training Academy. Or we are more than happy to come to you.

We have the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) stamp of approval. This means we can offer Corporate Training tailored to your precise needs.

Asbestos is best left to the experts.

We all want to save money and avoid unnecessary costs where we can. It's tempting to leave asbestos to less specialised contractors. But every job is different and brings with it fresh challenges.

Asbestos isn't pleasant stuff, but people like working with us. With our £850,000 turnover, we must be getting something right. We have gained an enviable reputation in the hotel industry because of our discretion and wide-ranging experience of working in fully operational buildings.

No one wants their dream renovations to become the stuff of nightmares. Finding asbestos anywhere is a stressful business. If you have any concerns, call Katie at Kusten Vorland. Leave all the worrying to us.

Katie Parsons-Young, Director