Sheet 1 Decontamination

Sheet 2 Enclosure Construction

Sheet 3 Asbestos Removal

Sheet 4 RPE & PPE

Sheet 5 RPE Inspection

Sheet 6 Packaging Waste

KV2384 Internal Record of Work

Kusten Vorland Ltd pride ourselves with smart working practices. We aim to deliver to the highest, safest industry standards. This resource centre is the access point for corporate documentation, essential to the effective management of KV jobs. Each Supervisor is issued with a corporate tablet with access to the cloud, they can use this to access this information from site or they can go to the KV hub on Penarth Road and print for a hardcopy job folder, either is acceptable. This cloud system is part of a trial on remote working practices in response to Covid-19 measures. Your feedback and experience of the system is welcome on the agenda item, 'remote working practices' during the team meeting.

Supervisor,- Please complete the paperwork and if you are not completing it online, scan it to and add the KV number as the subject. Paperwork is expected 5 days after site completion. If you have any challenges relating to this resource hub please call the hub manager on 07947 367 496 and arrange further training. 

The employee certificates of training and competencies can be found in Evalu-8. Please ensure, even if you do not print the certificates out, that you are performing the same checks as if they were in a site folder. The login to Evalu-8 is here

The full suite of DOP and PAT testing can be accessed here. You'll find the information for the transportable unit in this pdf too. Print the documents if you prefer. Other options are to download to your tablet or save to a folder. They are however, always accessible through the cloud system.

You will need to ensure the clearance certificate is located in the pocket on the inside of the DCU door before it leaves our stores. We have not uploaded interchangeable documents here, which have a life span of less than 6 months. Your job specific folder can be found in the KV calendar here.

The job planning documents can be access here. - checked 15th February 2021 REY

The job management documents can be access here. - checked 15th February 2021 REY

The job sign off can be access here. - checked 15th February 2021 REY